Well it looks like my company will not be sending me to SIGGRAPH this year, it would of been nice to travel to Vancouver since I only passed through the city before. A bright spot is that a friend of mine, who was a past conference chair, will be going so I hope to get nice feedback from him.

Sorry for the blog hiatus, but having new twins has more than consumed my time over the last year.  Sometimes I think of the boys as never ending time-sinks and chaos-generators.


XNA Log Class

I have been looking into Microsoft's XNA 4.0 for some graphics prototype development and created a simple logger class.  The logger class allows you to capture content as ASCII plaintext or color coded HTML.  The log file name is constructed at runtime making use of the applications filename and the current date and time.

Download C# source: Logger.cs
An example HTML stylized output is:



Bits and bytes from the real world

I am a computer graphics engineer with more years of experience that I care to admit and wanted to share my experience and accomplishments. This blog was created to capture my thoughts on programming, computer graphics, and art.  Welcome to my small corner of the blogsphere. Hope to see you at SIGGRAPH one day!